About Us!

Meet Our Staff Members

Dixie Shrader – Executive Director-Extension 3001

Dixie has been serving the Polk County Housing Authority since 2011. She is responsible for the overall operation and management of the Polk County Housing Authority. Including but not limited to total oversight of finances, budgeting, procurement, modernization, maintenance as well as the resident community and governmental operations. Great teamwork has enabled the Polk County Housing Authority to maintain a “HIGH PERFORMER” rating from the Department of Housing and Urban Development for many years.

Jeanne Mabry – Administrative Assistant/Housing Choice Voucher Program Manager – Extension 3004

Jeanne began working for the Polk County Housing Authority in 1996. Jeanne is responsible for much of the administrative paperwork in the day to day operation of the housing authority. She is also in charge of the Voucher program and works with Section 8 voucher residents and their landlords.

Sheila Pate- Public Housing Manager – Extension 3002

Sheila has been working for the Polk County Housing Authority since August of 2015.  She was promoted to Housing Manager in December 2020.  She is responsible for verifying qualifications for and entering applications for the housing program, as well as all the aspects of leasing apartments in all six housing locations.

Rhonda Anderson- Inspector/ Procurement Agent/ Receptionist – Extension 3007

Rhonda joined our team of housing experts in December 2020.  Rhonda processes rent payments and coordinates work orders.  She also orders materials and supplies for the office and maintenance department as well as serving as inspector for both housing and the Section 8 program.

Walter Frost – Maintenance Supervisor

Walter began working for the Polk County Housing Authority in 2009. Walter has a high degree of knowledge in plumbing, heat and air, as well as carpentry and electricity. He is very resourceful and his willingness to learn has made him an invaluable part of our maintenance staff. Click here to view the Maintenance Charge List : 2021-2022 Charges

Richard Walters – Maintenance Mechanic

Richard began working for the Polk County Housing Authority in 2000. Richard is also our safety officer. Richard is very organized and sees to it that safety issues are addressed quickly. He takes pride in his work and his attention to detail helps maintain the housing units with a very high standard. Click here to view the Maintenance Charge List: 2021-2022 Charges

Mike Thomas – Maintenance Mechanic

Mike began working for the Polk County Housing Authority in September 2019. He has become an indispensable part of our maintenance team. He brings a great deal of familiarity and skill of previous professions; he is eager and willing to share his knowledge and techniques with our staff. Mike’s light-hearted personality is welcome to our organization. Click here to view the Maintenance Charge List : 2021-2022 Charges

Meet Our Board of Commissioners
Mr. Eric Goss-Member Since 1998

Mrs. Wendy Martin-Member Since 2012

Mr. Morris Boydstun-Finance Chairman-Member since 2013
Ms. Shannon Hunter – Member since 2021
Mr. Michael Myers-Member since 2015